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What is Sofort (Klarna) and how I can use it? | Blog Spoko

Send money directly from your bank account using Sofort (Klarna)! Sofort, also known as Klarna, is a fast, simple and secure way to pay directly from your online bank account. You can forget retyping long... Read more

By Spoko 31.03.2021

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Promotions and discounts, Spoko news, What’s new?

Referral program from SPOKO app

Invite a friend – get 10 EUR! Enjoy new benefit of using Spoko app! Tell your friends about power of Spoko and earn real money.   How to start? Sign in to your account. Not... Read more

By Spoko 10.12.2020

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See Paris and stay. Pros and cons of moving to France. | Blog Spoko

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Paying with Apple Pay in

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What is investing and how can I learn to do it right now?

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Chasing la dolce vita. Pros and cons of moving to Italy.

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Payment with Google Pay at

By Spoko 26.01.2022

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Enjoying safety on the go. Basics of travel insurance. | Spoko Blog

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Yes or pass? Pros and cons of moving to Germany | Spoko Blog

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“How much do you make?” How to talk about salary with friends? | Blog Spoko

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Saving money – how and why? | Spoko Blog

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Stepping into summer. Top-5 places to save your winter travel budget. | Blog Spoko

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Mind your job. What are the correct ways to help a person with occupational burnout? | Blog Spoko

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Not all joy and fun. Difficulties of adaptation in a new country. | Blog Spoko

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Not obvious, yet important. Basic office etiquette rules. | Spoko Blog

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Easy answers to difficult questions. How do you speak to your child about money? | Spoko Blog

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Show me your cards. Basic scams with credit cards and how to avoid them. | Blog Spoko

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Living abroad, This is interesting

Moving to another country without stress. A checklist so you don’t forget anything.

By Spoko 26.09.2021

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